Thursday, December 29, 2005

im back!

after a VERY busy week - things are finally getting busier. but they are also coming together. i am all packed for the honeymoon - just need to get all the paperwork sorted out. my room is all packed and ready to be transported to the new place. the car is being loaded with all the wedding stuff to be taken in on friday so we won't have to worry about it sunday.

oh - i just found it will be snowing sunday morning. for some reason this is not bothering me - no blizzard means people can still get there. and it will be pretty that day! hopefully it will not affect the veiw that afternoon...

B said she was getting worried because i am so calm - if this keeps up, either my head will explode or they will write a book about me:)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

good news for all!

i have an apartment and it looks like i will be working in back bay! yay!

details to follow:)


Tuesday, December 20, 2005



Sunday, December 18, 2005

gah take 3

yeah yeah - unoriginal title - so sue me.

so i wrote this WHOLE long thing and it went away when i tried to spell check it.

here it is in bulleted format bc i don't feel like retyping it...

  • friday: 7:30 training session - back in bed in my gym clothes only to wake up running late: from 10:30 to 12:30 i fell out of bed, cleaned the whole apt (no furniture = crap everywhere), packed, showered, went to the office, checked mail, grabbed my computer and got to penn station. i rock. sitting down on the train was fantastic
  • fell FAST asleep on the train, so much so that i woke up thinking i was going to visit my friend in texas and flipped out bc she has a cat and i would need to sleep in a hotel. it took much too long to realize i was on a train
  • spent my friday night working on some office things and ended up helping a friend with an essay wen i got bored. which was a lot of fun - i realzed how much i missed being an english major
  • spent ALL day saturday looking at apartments. i saw some things i really liked, but also realized that parking was a much bigger issue than i anticipated. i am slowly coming to the conclusion that asking the boy to deal with all that hassle just so i can live in the cute neighborhood that my heart desires may not be the best idea. am i becoming an adult? ew.
  • went to malden sat night and was SO not in the mood to have dinner with a bunch of my parents friends and was VERY vocal about it on the car ride over (there goes that whole "adult" theory) but they gave me samosas and it was better
  • my mother woke me up at 7am this morning - boo to that
  • so today my mom and i drive back to NJ and i have exactly two days of work, one goodbye lunch, one training session, one haircut and one last load of the car - kind of anticlimactic, but what are you going to do?
  • am currently in the meeting with the hair lady - everyone is certainly going to get a kick out of this one... the wedding day will be more than interesting....

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

gah: take 2

hey everyone,

you are looking at one stressed editor. it has finally hit me that i only have three days left in the office and that playing online all day for two weeks really screwed me over. i didnt leave my desk all day and now my butt feels weird.

umm.. 18 more days. it will be here faster than i can keep track...

progam madness has been resolved (somewhat). i will let you all know when the next "disaster" is.



so. stressed. out.

more to come later, when i am not hyperventilating.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Fantastical weekend of fun

last weekend, i was in a better mood that i have been in in AGES. my mom and i were as silly as can be on the drive home thursday night (missed out on drinks with friends, but it was good, bc the snow came down hard all day friday in boston). friday, since we were snowed in, my mom and i cleaned and cleaned and organized and organized. boxes going to the yet unattained apartment are being filled quickly, my room is once again becoming mine again, and suitcases for the honeymoon and india are also being put togther. i can't believe it is happening already.

we did a lot of wedding things as well - bought favor boxes and the placecards (on which my loverly sister wife will be gracing with her loverly handwriting:)) and looked at the lists one more time. the math is not working out for some reason, so we have to go over everything with a fine toothed comb next weekend, but it should all be fine. deciding table settings will be a challenge but we still have some time on that as well.

then it was off to boston for a night out with the girls! i cannot beLIEVE how cheap everything was - a round of drinks and a huge dinner AND a cab ride for under $70. insanity. i cannot wait to move back. there were lots of giggles after dinner ("nicaragua is not a country, DUMBASS!" and "sara. PENIS!") and a lazy say the next morning. on top of everything i got to see someone order the chillirama burger (10 huge patties, 20 strips of bacon, and five pounds of fries). i wonder if he finished....

an uneventful train ride later and i was back home in the silence. four more nights! then home again and then back here with my mom and then home for good! SO excited (can you tell?)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

24 more days!

not a whole lot to report - mom is in town so we are packing up all nonessntial things and sending them home today. it is sad that i can fit all of that into five small boxes. all my clothes are going into garbage bags and then my apt will be empty(er). so sad. but with this move and the last one, there has been a lot of weeding out of things. and then when i have to move all my childhood stuff out of the sharon house when my parents move, there will be MUCH more of that. it willbe hard to throw a lot of those things away.

spending the weekend with the girls at home! yay! i am looking forward to some serious chocolate martinis and girly time. it is badly needed. there is the picture of me laughing hysterically at nothing in a T station that last time i really went out in Boston and I miss that.

then back here for four days of work, then back to boston for apt hunting and saying goodbye to an old friend, then BACK to nyc for two days and then HOME FOR GOOD! those last two days will be hard. all my furniture will be gone, my tv and kitchen things. it will be me, two changes of clothes, and (hopefully) a bed. maybe i will crash with a friend those nights, esp if i don't have a bed...

other than that - just waiting to hear from josh's moving people. usually they find a place and move the person, but the time they are moving josh without finding a place first, which apparently makes things go slower. i am keeping my eye out (as are some friends) and if i find a place that i really like, i will see what can be done.

eating things have been going really well. i hadn't really thought about it since that night, which is good. there hasn't been much of a change physically, but all the working out has made me feel better mentally.

wedding things are coming along - the band called and said i cut too much dance music, so i just left it up to them, as they know MUCH better than i what goes on at a wedding. need to do the programs this weekend and figure out hair next weekend and we are done! well, until the week before the wedding and a million little things will present themselves. so excited!

Monday, December 05, 2005

last weekend in MI!

had a fantastic weekend with josh - lots of joking around and laughing. we visited all our old MI haunts one last time, watched Harry Potter, and practised the dance (which would end in a fit of giggles ever time he pantsed me). it was so nice to see him unstressed and carefree again.

i cannot tell you how excited i am to see him everyday. i know we will have our issues, but if this weekend was any hint on how day to day life will be, 27 days cannot pass quickly enough.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


another yuppie rite of passage - posting somthing on craigslist. if you know anyone in the nyc area who needs a tv, bed, dresser, and or book shelf - send them my way.