Saturday, September 29, 2007

coffee coffee coffee!!!

some numbers:

time i got out of bed: 8
loads of laundry done this morning: 2
hours spent trying to fugure out how to load printer cartridges into new printer: 2
tv shows i tried to watch before i decided nothing was on and relocated to central sqaure: 7
hours logged working on my freelance project: 3
cups of coffee i had while working on said project: 4
times i listened to the new maroon 5 cd on repeat: 7? maybe 8. it is awesome.
words per minute i am typing while on my jittery coffee high: like a million times infinity
cups of coffee i still have in my french press: 1.5

i may hurl.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


that was what was running through my head yesterday morning when i turned on the tv. shock. horror. dismay. confusion. anger. acceptance. sadness.

they replaced my morning buffy episode with malcolm in the middle. malcolm. in. the. middle.

ever since i can remember, buffy was part of my morning routine. i would get up at 7, shower, dry my hair and be ready for a quick breakfast by 7:20. turn buffy on, watch for a bit, head to the today show for the weather, back to buffy and then out the door. when i was living in nyc, i had to turn it off at 7:44 to make my bus, missing the most climactic part of the show (even though i new what happened). when in hoboken, i would watch the whole episode in bed, then the practice, THEN i would get out of bed and roll into work at 9:15. in boston, i would watch the whole episode and then flip to the today show at 8 to get the news at 8:02 and the weather at 8:06 and then would head to work. after i knew i was quitting, i would watch buffy and half of the practice (maybe all of it) before i would leave. for my new job, i had to switch back to my old routine of buffy, news, weather, leave. i had it down to an art form.

we were in the middle of the 6th season. they just aired the musical episode on monday. i was getting ready for some spike and buffy lovin'. and now? nothing. my entire morning routine, the one i had for the last 4 years, is over. up early to relocate to the couch for my buffy fix on sick days, counting future episodes in my head so i can get up extra early to catch a favorite (the pack, anything with oz) or avoid a particulary scary episode (the gentlemen or the one with gnarl) i know i can't handle, laughing at the still funny dialouge and cringing at the severe nosedive the show took in the last few seaons (cough cough...glory... cough cough). all over. sigh.

ok, the pity party is over.

for some reason, yesterday was really hard for me. someone on yelp started a thread about where we were 6 years ago. i remember calling allie and waking her up and watching the second plane hit. i remember peter jennings crying. i remember flying out of logan on the 17th and my mom crying when she waved goodbye at security. i remember rereading harry potter for a week to get away from the tv. i can't believe that was 6 years ago. so much has happened in the world since then.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


so i know it is long overdue, so here is my chicago post!

the wedding was so. much. fun. indian on indian is always a good time, and being on the groom's side was a first for me. it is a lot more exciting than being onthe girl's side. anoop rode the horse and we all danced around him in the holiday inn parking lot in the sun for an hour. the ceremony was the usual, but the reception was a blast. lots of booze, lots of indian music - even josh joined in! it was good to see all the long island kids again. half of us are married now! insanity...

and then - the BABY! my cousin just had a baby girl (last tuesday) so we spent the day after the wedding with my aunt, cousins and their spouses and kids. ashwini is 8, mihir and anika are 3 and malvika is now 10 days old.

My nieces and nephew!




(Ashwini with her baby sister)

(Too cute - right?)