Thursday, April 27, 2006

back in the saddle - kind of

so it has been a while since i last updated due to a slew of events. i have several blog ideas swimming in my head from these events, but the events are still in process, so i havent had time to devote the several hours needed for said writing projects - so here is a quick recap:

got pretty sick for a week and was in bed at 5 everday after work. it sucked.

recovered in time to go to the cape with the boy for his bday and a relaxing weekend, which was very fun, if not uneventful. met the cutest couple ever - mark and greg who ran the hoighty toighty grocery store near the inn. still have the focaccia they sold me (which might have outlived its shelflife by now...)

got back to a HUGE project at work which took all my time and energy. i was put in charge, which was nice, but also stressful. but i got to know a lot more people here, so that was one good thing that came of it.

went to celebrate the oldness of my dearest friend in nyc and had a marvelous time. came home late from the bar and was a bit of an ogre in my sleepy state, and for that i apologize. saw a baseball game, my old apartment, my old neighboorhood and the bus station again. ahh memories..

went out with an old friend and managed to get through a beer with minimal awkwardness. it was nice to see him again.

went out with co-workers last night only to get drunk off of one FIT - three shots of tequila that tasted like a jolly rancher. then went to dinner with the boy's friends a wee bit tipsy, but i think it made the thai taste that much better

and here we are. i promise i will give more details and anecdotes soon... not sure when, as i am meeting with tufts peeps tom night, saturday is booked solid and sunday i am having my mom's friends over for tea

did i mentioed i skipped book club this week and may have to skip book club #2 on sunday? i am going to try not to, bc i will not be pleased... poo to being too exhausted from doing this things you dont want to do to enjoy the things you want to do.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

what is up#1

what is UP with guys on the subway who spread their legs out as wide as they can and encroach into your subway space seat? last night, i am riding home, congested as all hell and just trying to keep myself upright until i can get to my couch and i sit down next to the guy who is practically doing a split in his seat, which makes his legs brush up against mine, which makes me queeze my legs together and shift them away from his. as the ride goes on, he gets more and more comfortable and spreads then wider and wider. i get it that you guys have your precious peni and balls and that you cannot POSSIBLY do anything that might make then uncomfortable, but have a little consideration! and then i looked around the car and saw that about 70% of the guys had their legs all spread out and almost ALL the ladies in the car were sitting all prim and proper because they really had no choice. i wanted to relax a little and let my legs fall as they wanted to, but every time i did a LITTLE, we would start battling for space (MY seat space) with our THIGHS and that was making me just a wee bit uncomfortable, and i learned eary on in nyc that if something is bothering you on the subway, get up and move, bc NOTHING is worth getting into it with a stranger that may turn out to be a mean person. 'excuse me, sir" could have ended in"oh, my apologies. i didnt mean to" or a wad of spit in my face. and bc i was so sick, i just didnt have the energy to do anything but stew.

this does not just happen on subways. oh no. planes too, my friends. when my sister and i went to india alone when i was 13, we sat next to this guy who looked like the indian mix of jon lovitz and mr. berkowitz and him and his little pot betty just HAD to take up as much space as possible. he spread those thighs of his out so far that i had to pick my legs up and tuck them into my chair. we had to trade places halfway through the trip bc sitting next to him was so uncomfortable.

now i am not saying that they should cross thier legs or curl up into a little ball or anything. just spread them wide enough that the person next to you doesnt feel like you are taking over. fair is fair. those seats were designed with you in mind, not your need to claim your territory and air out your balls.

Monday, April 10, 2006


so this wekend was hectic and fun and made me look forward to NEXT weekend which will relaxing and fun.

after dragging josh around friday in the rain to get my va-jay-jay waxed we went to dinner at chili's (an old ann arbor haunt) and then to WS, where we proceeded to spend more of our gift certificate on things we didnt really need (mango margahita mix and molten chocolate cake mix...REAL essentials). sat, we did all our grocery shopping and target shopping and then i went and got my feet all pedicured. and THEN we went to tufts to see my sister sing in her a cappella group. so the day was mostly running around, we didnt have a lot of down time and my libido has been a little low, so all in all, not a fantastic day. sunday, however, was a lot of fun. got up at 10 and started preparing for brunch and supper. cut some stuff up, whipped some stuff up and baked some stuff up. after everyone showed up with the food they were to bring and all the food i cooked we had: bacon, a quiche, challah french toast, two kinds of waffles, cinnomen bread, a melon bowl and mimosas. the five of us did a decent job of putting it all in our tummies and we were all full. but while everyone went home to digest, josh and started making meal number 2, chicken parm, bruschetta and salad, and his family brought cake and ice cream. and since his grandfather was there, we at at 4:30. amere TWO hours after brunch was over. two. a day of eating and eating some more. oh, did i mention we ate. i feel so gross, STILL (and this is also after the 8pm quiche and brischetta reheat). it was all very good, but i may have to live on broth for a while to flush out my system... after we finish the leftover cake of course.

NEXT weekend is a weekend of lounging. we are going ot the cape to a cute B&B for two days and then to a friends place for dinner. NO work, NO errands and NO cleaning. my parents were over and his parents were over so the place is spotless.

ok, and now a quick diatrabe:

so you know that old navy commercial where they are all dancing on the roof of some apt neat a city (there is a skyline in the background) and they all dance and everyone is happy in thier old navy clothes. well, at the end they all do this spin thing where they put up thier hands and spin them in one direction and thier hips follow and it all looks very cool and fun, etc. WELL, there is this girl in the corner in a long dress who barely even puts her hands up in the air and DOESNT EVEN MOVE HER HIPS AT ALL! and it irks the HELL out of me. now she is goingto go and put "old navy commercial with choreography" on her resume and it is a LIE! and the only reason she is IN the commericla is she is earing a white dress that only people who dont EAT could wear. no wonder she couldnt even life her arms. GAH. every time i see that commericial, i look at josh and throw my hands up in exasperation and then he would get up and imitate her half assed dance move that she didnt even really bother to learn. i hate her. i have issues, i know, but that doesnt keep me from feeling like this. hate. her.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

for my darling sisterwife

so although i have no news to report, i feel as though i should write an entry for those who kept me so entertained when i needed entertaining, so for you miss B, i will simply do a quick train of thought.

here is goes:

so i just read an article in the times about how eating a low calorie diet may make you live longer and they did this study in rhesus moneys which always makes me thing of peanut butter where the control group had more cancer and died a lot more and the experimental group lived longer and were leaner and had less body fat and stuff and then they did the same things with humans were one group could only eat 890 calories a day which got me to thinking what kind of lifestyle is that they said that they had like 5 shakes a day and a nutrient brownie and that it was hard and i was like HARD that would have made me miserable which got me to thinking how its not that i like being full it is that i actually like the act of eating i like making a good meal or having one made for me and the smell and the foreplay or plating it or having it plated for me and then eating it and tasting all the flavors and thinking about what is in what and how this reacted to that and how simple ingredients like basil and tomatoes can add so much flavor and color and it kind of made me want to quit my job and become a chef or a critic or something until i came to my senses and realized that i am really not that handy in the kitchen bc i lack the science skills behind cooking which josh really has as did my italian roommate in london who could take like 5 ingredients an whip something up and it would so so heavenly and only because she didnt over cook or undercook or very spice or underspice and didnt mix things in when they were not supposed to be mixed and then this morning i read the article on how they may have found a fossil of a fish with feet which is very exciting! and it made me think of the days when i wanted to be a paleontologist or an archeologist and how i still really do but the life of one is not something i really want all that traveling on grants and begging and not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from and not really having much of a family life unless your husband was one too and if that was the case then children are kind of out of the question only because you would have to choose one or the other and i am not sure i could do that especially if it is something that i enjoy so much and i actually sat and thought about going back to school for archaeology but then reasoned that it si probably too late and 6 more years of school is really something i could not commit to right now especially when i think back to all the archeology grad school classes that i took in college and how pretentious everyone was and how so many things went right over my head and how all those kid were destined to a life of grants and research oh yes RESEARCH! how could i forget about that? nevermind, the idea has lost all attraction if i could just go and sit in class and soak up information and then go on digs and use it and discover cool things then i would be all for it but reality is not such and i am not a billionaire like that guy on bones last night who was searching for pirate treasure and could afford to bc he was funding the thing and it all seemed so cool until someone died and they have to call the FBI i am really getting hooked on the show it is quite clever but the next one is all about voodoo and voodoo kind of creeps me out there was this computer game online that someone showed me in college and you were this college guy and had to do all these college things and have sex with girls and it was funny but REALLY demeaning towards women at the same time and there was this one were he is at mardi gras and she tries to sleep with this voodoo guys daughter and the whole thing becomes weird and creepy and i actually had to turn it off and close my screen but of course everyone knows i scare easily and it really doesnt take that much i cant even watch commercials for scary movies like that one with all the deformed people the hills have eyes and that little girl is SO creepy and i only saw it once and it is still kind of creeping me out now that i am thinking of it and i am sure that you all have stopped reading my now and this will prove to you that i really have nothing interesting to say so i will stop and next time you want me to update when nothing is happening in my life, you make thing twice about it or you may get something even more mundane that this:)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

financial planning

so i think i am officially a grown up.

yesterday, i took the day off and went to see my financial planner. now let me explain that the only reason i HAVE a planner is because my parents did't let me keep the $4K that i earned deliverying newspapers and it all went into the stock market bc they have foresight and i was 8 (i did get to pick the stock - disney of course). so now that money has grown and josh's grandfather gave us a hefty wedding present and we can't let it all sit in ING (however wonderful ING may be).

so we talked about 401K's and long term stocks and the our first big purchase. and although it was a little scary, starting an account for the house is really exciting! in two or three years, we may be able to put 20% down on a place near boston, four bedrooms and a yard. when he asked what the next big purchase would be besides the house (we were looking at a timeline) i promptly replied "college tuition" and ken (the ML guy) and josh looked at me and laughed. but its true! besides the occasional vaction, the only things i really want to spend money on is my kids. of course, the kids i do not have. but those will come eventually.

this is something i feel extremely strongly about. my parents were fortunate enough to put both my sister and me through college with no loans and no financial aid and i want to be able to do that for my children as well. i want them to be able to persue any career they want after college without thinking of loans - to have the same freedoms i did. i see what some families go through to pay for college: third mortgages, personal sacrifices that can affect the parents and chilren, and worst of all, sacrifices made by the children themselves. i watched many of my friends experience this and saw the strain, and although i would give up anything for my kids if the time called for it (yes yes the kids i do not have) i would rather work now so they won't have to. i do not know if it the indian mentality or simply how my parents thought about things. it shocks me that they still think it is perfectly normal to foot the bill were i to go to grad school. whether i would take the money is a different issue, but the idea of living for your kids is very ingrained in the way i think of things, and i do have my parents to blame/thank for that.

not sure what this blog is really about - the fact that i am planning for the future or the fact that i think i need to.